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"This is an engaging, fast paced adventure story for young readers. It is a story of family, friendship, responsibility and trust.  I look forward to further adventures of the Gold Star kid!"
Kathryn E. Johnson,  BA education,  Special education teacher

Bigfoot and the Gold Star Kid, soft cover

  •  Heistin’s father was killed in Iraq. Now it’s just him and his mom, a Gold Star family, living on the edge of a swamp. Since Mom must work, Heistin stays home by himself a lot. Between his chores and his comic books, he’s usually not afraid. Until one night he hears a loud noise and someone jiggles the doorknob.

         When Heistin peeks out the window and sees a huge, hairy, man-ape, he panics and calls his best friend, Jax. Jax’s grandfather comes along to help figure out what happened and he tells the boys about a creature called Bigfoot who years ago rescued a local soldier from a hunter’s trap. Day after day Bigfoot returns and worms his way into Heistin’s life. Knowing no one will believe him, he struggles to keep Bigfoot a secret from his mom and his best friend.

         But one day everything changes. A hunter shows up on the edge of the swamp. He wants to prove Bigfoot exists. Then Heistin’s mom loses her job, and they may be forced to move. Needing to warn Bigfoot, Heistin conquers his fear and enters the ominous swamp. The gentle man-ape then introduces Heistin to his world, filled with insects, birds, and alligators.

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