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Marvin's Gift, hard cover

  • 32 pages

    At school, Logan’s classmates whisper behind his back because his dad is in jail. Sometimes he gets so angry he breaks things.

    Logan really wants a normal family—with a mom and a dad at home. After he breaks his sister’s favorite toy, he decides to run away.

    But before he can leave, an otherworldly visitor shows up. Marvin, as he calls himself, encourages Logan to stay and help him fix Emma’s toy. While they work, Marvin shares his own story of anger and being on the wrong side of the law. He helps Logan realize people can change, even Logan’s dad, and gives Logan the tools to not only fix Emma’s toy, but to deal with his anger.

    This powerful story features the Friends for Folks program, where prison inmates partner with veterinarians to rehabilitate abandoned, abused dogs. Caring for, and training, these special dogs gives the prisoners not only life skills, but empathy and compassion for others. 

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