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Dash to the Rescue

by Jan Fenimore

Unreservedly recommended for family, preschool, elementary school, and community library collections, "Dash To The Rescue" is a charmingly entertaining picture book for young children about imagination and the survival of a Mongolian nomadic family.

Children's Bookwatch: September 2019

James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief

Diane Donovan, Editor

Midwest Book Review

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Suki and Sam

by Dr. Lisa Marotta

"Touching and memorable, this lovely story offers a way for children and parents to deal with the loss of a beloved pet. The evocative illustrations partnered with a simple, sweet narrative brought me to tears--in a good way. SUKI AND SAM will help youngsters (and young-at-heart grown ups) to bring furry color back into their world. Highly recommended!"

Amy Shojai, CABC, award winning author of more than 30 pet care books.

 Beautifully written, and beautifully illustrated.

A. Smith

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Down on the Ranch

by Nancy Pyle

"An unusual counting story, perfect for preschool readers and younger, set on a colorful, western ranch setting, perhaps in the neighborhood of Oklahoma. Children will love repeating the rhythmic counting leading to the final scene of all the animals, Grandpa and Grandma, followed by the three trusty tractors and two soft calico cats. "Down On the Ranch" is a young children's classic.

Children's Bookwatch: January 2019

James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief

Diane Donovan, Editor

Midwest Book Review


The Little Old Man, the Little Old Woman, and the Little Red Hen

by David Roper

"A delightful story of love, dedication, and breakfast. This is a fun book for adults to read to children with a subtle message of the importance of caring and concern. It is also fun to look at with Kara Mitchell’s delicious illustrations of an array of yummy breakfast food.

M. Jane Hawkins, author

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Just Playing

by Anita Wadley Schlaht

Have always loved the poem! Love that it is now in book form for teachers to share with parents and parents to read and reread as a reminder of the importance of play.
The illustrations are colorful and engaging.
 What a timeless message for everyone that cares about young children!

Linda Holliman

BS Early Childhood

MS Education

Educational Consultant/Bookworks Consulting

Former Owner of Sellwood Montessori School

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Mila Denton is an April Fool!
by Sandra Byrd Lawson

Mila Denton is a little bit Junie B. and a little bit Arthur.  Her colorful vocabulary makes this series an excellent choice for teaching figurative language.  And students will be so caught up in the story they won’t mind the lesson.  And what kid doesn’t like a good April Fool prank!

P.S. My students loved Mila Denton’s Worst Week Ever!

Sharon Martin, author

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A Flock of Fun

by Raven Howell

This is a gem of a book. It’s sweetly illustrated, colorful, and packed full of cuddly characters for younger children to relate to. I would happily recommend it to parents of 0 – 6 year old. And to anybody who thinks lambs are cute; which is everybody, right!?

The Wishing Shelf Book Review

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Doodle and Peck

by Marla F. Jones

The barnyard is all abuzz as Camelia Cow’s birthday party fast approaches. Both Doodle Pig and Peck the rooster
have created homemade gifts—one with words and one with painted pictures. When the two collide, a happy accident
occurs, giving children an entertaining glimpse into the collaboration of authors and illustrators in which both parties
work to tell one story. Mixed-media collage art with bright layered patterns gives the farm a sunny outlook.

The Foreword Review, January/February 2020


Billy Bob Flybottom
by Susan Kite

Susan Kite weaves her words into an "Appalachian tall tale" that is funny and reminiscent of the Paul Bunyan story. Whether old enough to read alone or young enough to have someone else read to them, children of all ages will love this book.

Sandra Byrd Lawson, author

This is quite the tall tale, peppered with words and sayings that students in our area are used to hearing. I can imagine the delight on a young kid's face, listening to this cute story.

Laura Mathis, educator

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Keepers of the Secret Code
by KJ Williams and Teresa R. Kemp

This beautiful middle-grade work honestly, yet delicately, depicts the story of a young man learning the quilt codes used to help people escape slavery within the underground railway…I was moved to tears [as] the authors lead the reader on a beautiful, yet excruciatingly difficult journey. Yet there was…joy in the moments of sincere and giving love, generosity, and in the strength of the human spirit. I hope that all people have the opportunity to read this work, to feel the reality so artfully portrayed, and to learn.

Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to review this book. 

Amy Brewer, Senior Literary Agent  

Metamorphosis Literary Agency

ABCats_Cover rgb.jpg

by Peggy Perry Anderson

Learning the alphabet with the whimsical felines of ABCats is sheer fun! Kids will love joining Alexander the Acrobat, Lazy Lucy, Victor the Vampire cat and all the funny, furry fellows with their unique personalities. Between the colorful artwork and humorous text, parents will definitely hear, "read it again!"

Susan York Meyers, author

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Tony the Truck 
and the Christmas Delivery

by M. Jane Hawkins

"Tony brings joy again! I'm anxious to see what the next adventure will be." 

Martha Margrave, early childhood teacher 

"Children will readily identify with how Tony the Truck overcomes a problem with the help of his friends and neighbors. Primary school-aged children will be entertained imagining Tony as he drives around his neighborhood doing good deeds for those he meets during a snowy day. The length is good for primary grades and is full of colorful vocabulary. A perfect read-aloud for the holiday season."  Shirley Richardson, MLIS, M.Ed teacher and school librarian

"Rollicking read-aloud language, and ... gentle messages of kindness and teamwork."  

Dale Julian, Downtown Books

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Bigfoot and the Gold Star Kid
by Shelley Anne Richter

Bigfoot and the Gold Star Kid reminds us of the gift of Gold Star Families by introducing, Heistin, a twelve-year-old trying to find his balance in the world. I highly recommend this book for anyone-young or old-who is searching for a way to fit in and find hope.

P.Jan Hall, BA, MS, Educator, and Family Counselor.


This is an engaging, fast paced adventure story for young readers. It is a story of family, friendship, responsibility and trust.  I look forward to further adventures of the Gold Star kid!
Kathryn E. Johnson, BA Education, Special education teacher


“A heartwarming story how the love of a father can live on, through family, friends, and even Sasquatch, aka Bigfoot.”

Sue Bigbie, award-winning writer and published poet


Heistin's escapades with Bigfoot combined with Gold Star awareness show Richter's talent for effective storytelling.

Lynn Johnson, VA counseling psychologist 

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Mighty Mahi
by Suzanne Jacobs Lipshaw

Mighty Mahi is marvelous—a heartwarming, true tale of a wounded green sea turtle's two-year journey back to its ocean home, an inspiring story of everyday activism and hope, and resounding proof that we can make real change—even the smallest of us—if we just band together.  Three cheers for Mahi. Three cheers for all those who cared!  And three cheers to Suzanne Jacobs Lipshaw for bringing us this empowering story. 

Candace Fleming, award-winning author of Giant Squid and Honeybee