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ages 3-8

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Cowboy Jesse
When ten space aliens land in his backyard, what does Jesse do? First, he runs and hides. Then Jesse uses his bandana, his cowboy boots, and his lariat to round up the aliens one by one. But when they escape his lasso, Jesse ends up with more than he bargained for--ten unexpected friends.
A humorous counting book.

Ages 3-8
Pups on the Run!
When Hazel and Kaya discover the open gate, they are ready for an adventure. They wander, and tumble, and play all day. As the sun begins to go down, the pups head home.
But which way is home? They soon realize they are lost. And it’s getting darker, and scarier!
Finally, using their five senses, the tired pups retrace their steps and find their way home.
Ages 3-8
Doodle and Peck
Doodle Pig and Peck Rooster are late for Camelia Cow’s birthday party. Each has made a special gift for her. But as they rush to the party, disaster strikes! Their gifts for Camelia are ruined! Or are they? Their farmyard friends help them realize the mishap doesn’t have to be a catastrophe. If they cooperate.
A humorous allegory showing the journey a story takes going from an idea all the way to the publisher.

Ages 3-8
Kate's Ocean
Kate loves living by the ocean! So when her family moves to Kansas, Kate misses collecting seastones and watching the sea gulls. When Grandpa plants seeds in his spring garden, Kate plants her seastones, hoping to grow an ocean. Grandpa knows Kate won't be disappointed because, every year, the prairie blooms with an ocean of wildflowers.
Ages 4-8
A Flock of Fun
A young child discovers the solution for falling asleep is not always quiet and silent, like slow, slimy snails. Sometimes, happy dances and mischief-making sheep are just the ticket!
Ages 3-8
Ben and the Missing Pony
When Ben and C.W. discover an injured pony, they shelter the horse in an abandoned barn. Then the boys feed, water, and bandage the pony’s wounds. They decide to keep the horse. After all, whoever owned the horse before didn’t take care of it.
But when the two friends discover the pony was probably stolen, they must make a tough decision-- keep their secret, or return the horse to its owner.
Moose watches the birds and insects flit and flutter like ballerinas. He sees the stars and moon dance across the sky. Moose wants to dance, too.
But at Miss Melissa’s Dance Studio, the other animals tell him he can’t dance, and he certainly doesn’t have the proper costume. Moose is discouraged.
He practices more and tries one more time to convince Miss Melissa to let him join the dance class.
Miss Melissa finally realizes Moose is a good dancer, just with his own unique style.
Dash to the Rescue
Dash loves living at home with her family. Many children she knows live at a boarding school far, far away. But Dash’s teacher comes to their yurt three times a week for home school.
Today, her teacher reads Dash’s favorite book. But a big snowstorm is on its way and she must leave quickly to get home before it hits. Father and Grandfather worry the animals will freeze out in the bitter cold.
But Dash has an idea that just might help her family save their animals.
A story of imagination and su
Jerome the Stone
Jerome the Stone sees butterflies, bees, and birds flying above him. "What do they see?" he wonders. "I want to fly, too!" But no matter how hard he tries, Jerome doesn’t move a bit. But Jerome suddenly sails through the air, high above patchwork fields, a train, and even an airplane.
Did his wish come true? Can Jerome the Stone defy the law of gravity?
Join Jerome on his impossible, improbable, incredible journey.
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