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Mila Denton


Mila Denton series, chapter book


by Sandra Byrd Lawson, illustrated by David Barrow

72 pages

When Mila’s parents begin her day with an April Fool’s prank, Mila is determined to plan the best April Fool’s Day pranks ever!

But Mila quickly discovers it’s hard to come up with good ideas. And while she’s trying, everyone else is playing pranks on HER!

Will the day end before Mila figures out how to “April Fool” Tony Baloney, Rosie, and her parents?

Or will she have to wait another whole year to plan the best April Fool’s prank ever?

$14.99, hard cover

$9.99, soft cover

Camp Not Allowed, chapter book


by KJ Williams, illustrated by Dorothy Shaw

48 pages

Bored with their usual summer games, Kat and Tanya want to play with the neighborhood boys. The boys a real teepee in their backyard! But they refuse, saying it’s for Native American boys only. The girls resort to desperate measures and blackmail the boys into including them. But “Chief” Randy isn’t ready to surrender. He creates three initiation tests for the sisters to pass.

 Can the girls pull a few tricks from their sleeve and become tribe members in this boy versus girl war of the summer?

$14.00, hard cover

$8.99, soft cover

Stone Girl, chapter book


by Susan York Meyers

96 pages

At almost fourteen, Myra shops in the fat girl department. No one, least of all her mother, let’s her forget it. Except for Myra’s almost-imaginary friend, a statue of a girl out in the woods.

So when Myra finally finds a friend who wants to spend time with her, and doesn’t mind being seen with her, she wonders if it’s for real. Or will her new friend be like all the other kids, and make fun of her for being fat?

And who is answering the notes Myra leaves at the statue? Is the writer a friend or a foe?

She may have to choose between a longed-for friendship and doing the right thing.

$14.99, hard cover

$9.99, soft cover

My Friend, Frank, chapter book


by David Roper, illustrated by Adam Cobble

48 pages

Herbie desperately wants a pet, but Mom won't let him keep the strays he brings home. So when he finds a green-skinned giant shivering in the alley, Herbie must come up with a plan to convince Mom to let him keep his new friend, Frank.

$15.00, hardcover

$8.00,  softcover                                                         

MilaWWE2nd Ed..jpg


First grader, Mila Denton thought she and Rosie would be best friends forever. But when Mila refused to fork over her oatmeal candy at lunch, Rosie dumped her. But losing her best friend was only the beginning of a week filled with bad luck and humorous mishaps.

Will Mila ever win Rosie back or will every week be like her worst week ever?

$15.00 (hard cover)                                          Ages 6-8

$9.99   (soft cover)

I thought it was great. I love that Mila is a strong, female character, but values friendship enough to be forgiving of others. She's tough, but sensitive. She makes a great role model. --E.B.

The Buffalo Train Ride, nonfiction
I Spy Something Wicked, Young Adult novel


by Desiree Webber

illustrated by Sandy Shropshire

In the 1800s, the vast herds of buffalo that once covered the plains of North America were hunted almost to extinction. How were they saved? What started with a plea from Comanche Chief Quanah Parker to President Theodore Roosevelt ended with an 1800 mile train ride for fifteen buffalo to a wildlife preserve in Oklahoma Territory.

92 pages

$14.99 (hard cover)

$9.99   (soft cover)


by Susan York Meyers

Young Adult

222 pages

Tessa has always believed in Andre. So when she inherits her uncle’s house, she goes back to Ama, Oklahoma, determined to solve the mystery of the man her uncle told her didn’t exist.

But when she arrives, Tessa finds more than one mystery. How did her uncle really die? And what do you do when you find the tall, dark and handsome man of your dreams, who even cooks and cleans?

Too bad he’s dead.

$16.99  (hard cover)

$9.99   (soft cover)

"A fun, paranormal


Ian with border.jpg


by Peggy Chambers

Middle Grade

Ian Conner learned at an early age that math was magic! At least for him. And when Ian uses his math magic, the results aren’t always what he expected. This year, the prize for the annual math contest is $500.00 and Ian really wants to win! But classmate Thomas Martin will be stiff competition. Thomas wins every year. And this year he has a college tutor helping him prep for the contest!

So Ian studies accelerated math books hoping it will help him beat Thomas. But on the day of the competition, Ian must make a difficult choice—hope his extra studying helps him win fair and square…or cheat, using his “math magic” to win the contest.

$14.99 (hard cover)

$10.99 (soft cover)