Pups on the Run!, soft cover

  • When Hazel and Kaya discover the open gate, they are ready for an adventure. They wander, and tumble, and play all day. As the sun begins to go down, the pups head home.

    But which way is home? They soon realize they are lost. And it’s getting darker, and scarier!

    Finally, they begin to recognize sights and smells and sounds. The tired pups retrace their steps and find their way home.

    Ages 3-8

  • "Delightful story of puppies getting lost while playing just away from their home, and then following the clues to find their way home again. Very sweet!
    The art style is colorful and well done, the story short, with a bit of a moral to not wander.
    5 stars for cute sweet short story for the youngest of children."--KC


    "This is a really fun read! Encourages exploring and also gives a gentle reminder to remember the way home! I will definitely recommend this title for families to enjoy together! Not to mention the two pups are super cute! "--PD, educator

    "I think this is a fantastic book for young readers!"--CC, bookseller