Cowboy Jesse, hard cover

  • When ten space aliens land in his backyard, what does Jesse do? First, he runs and hides. Then Jesse uses his bandana, his cowboy boots, and his lariat to round up the aliens one by one. But when they escape his lasso, Jesse ends up with more than he bargained for--ten unexpected friends. A humorous counting book. Ages 3-8

  • "Cowboy Jesse is an easy-to-read adventure. The Illustrations really drag the kids into the story. Cowboy Jesse along with his faithful companion Whiskers try to hide from aliens. At first there is 1 alien, then there are 2, and so one through out the book.  Helps with counting. This is a fun short book. I love that it is educational but in a very fun way." 5 out of 5 stars!

    "The images were bright, colorful, and simple. The pictures enhanced the simple meeting of strangers, even odd ones, that became friends."

    "What a sweet story! My 3-year-old giggled with each new alien added. She liked the funky, skunky burp best! I really appreciate the educational activities guide at the beginning of the book and look forward to doing some of those with her in the next few days."