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I Want to See the World, hard cover

  • The world is a very big place. And this little girl wants to see it all. She wants to ride in airplanes, boats, and trains. And see mountains, deserts, and oceans. She wants to meet all kinds of people and eat all kinds of foods.

    And to remember it all, what will she bring home from her trip? Photos, souvenirs, and passport stamps!

    The world is a very big place. Do you want to see it all?


    JUV000000  JUVENILE FICTION / General

    JUV030000  JUVENILE FICTION / People & Places / General

    JUV068000  JUVENILE FICTION / Travel

    JUV041000  JUVENILE FICTION / Transportation / General

  • A cute introduction to the delights of traveling for children. The glossary of travel terms provides a helpful visual guide for children to expand their vocabulary.

    Elena Espinoza, Schuler Books

    Grand Rapids, Michigan


    I really liked this book because, despite it's simplicity, it offers up a lot of ways to connect students to other topics. It can easily be used as a read aloud before launching into learning about different countries, cultures or ecosystems. There is a glossary at the end of the book that would aid in that lesson perfectly.

    Kit Elstad, Syracuse, New York


    What a delightful way to introduce young readers to transportation, biomes, and the nuances of traveling to different places around the world. The pictures are colorful and the glossary is perfect for curious young minds. A great book for parents and children to read and discuss where they would like to go together.

    Susan Kite, Multi-Genre Author, (fantasy, science fiction, historical, adventure, children's, young adult & adult)

    Beautiful, charming illustrations accompany text that make me just as eager as the main character to "see the world." This is a great book for introducing children to just how big and wonderful our world is. From forests and beaches, to cars and trains, I'm ready with my passport!

    Susan York Meyers, multi-genre author

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