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Suki and Sam (soft cover)

  • Sam loved to paint. Samantha also loved her dog Suki. Suki’s tongue was glossy pink and the tufts of fur by her ears were inky black. Samantha even loved Suki’s biscuit breath.

    But one morning Suki doesn’t come when Sam calls her.

    All the color drains out of Samantha’s world.

    Dr. Lisa Marotta handles the topic of death with grace and compassion. The illustrations are tastefully executed, and not too graphic for the youngest of readers.

    Every counselor, especially for children, and every library, school or public, needs this book.

  • " Suki and Sam is a must-have for any therapist’s bookshelf! This beautiful book addresses feelings of loneliness that often accompany loss of a loved one. It reminds children it’s okay to miss their pet or the one who has died, and that they can also still feel connected to them through art or other creative means. I especially like how it illustrates the very gradual process of working through grief, so that children are allowed to take time to notice, process, and express all feelings in any way that they need to. The activities and things to consider for adults helping children concerning this topic are very helpful as well."-- Angela Dedmon, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Child Psychologist


    "Touching and memorable, this lovely story offers a way for children and parents to deal with the loss of a beloved pet. The evocative illustrations partnered with a simple, sweet narrative brought me to tears--in a good way. SUKI AND SAM will help youngsters (and young-at-heart grown ups) to bring furry color back into their world. Highly recommended!" Amy Shojai, CABC, award winning author of more than 30 pet care books.

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