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Two Bears Carry a Chair, soft cover

  • Larry and Gary, owners of the Two Bears Delivery Company, must deliver a chair to a very unusual customer. On their way to the pond, they trudge through meadows, dark, scary forests, and over a very deep ditch.

    When Larry and Gary finally deliver the chair, their green customer is so happy.

    As the two exhausted bears head back to the truck, Larry and Gary realize they made someone happy, and that makes them happy, too.


    JUV002030  JUVENILE FICTION / Animals / Bears

    JUV039060  JUVENILE FICTION / Social Themes / Friendship

    JUV039220  JUVENILE FICTION / Social Themes / Values & Virtues

  • Two Bears Carry a Chair, written and illustrated by David Barrow, is a tender adventure story. There are ordeals to overcome on the bears' mission. The two bears struggle to carry a bulky and heavy chair to a frog across a dark, menacing forest. The two bears muster the courage to live with and overcome their fear as they brave the forest to reach their goal. Artist-author David Barrow persuasively creates and evokes often vague, shadowy images that convey the scary, ambiguous mood of the story-line. Word and image echo and amplify each other. Although written for children, the book engaged my "grown up" mind and my emotions.

    Howard F. Stein, poet and anthropologist


    From the beginning this book had me hooked. Why in the world are two bears carrying a chair out into the deep, dark woods? And will they find the elusive pond, Gary keeps promising Larry? The illustrations are fun and perfectly fit the story. And I would have never guessed the ending! Two Bears Carry a Chair is a fun read for a child to read alone or to share with an adult.

    Susan York Meyers, multi-genre author

    You’ll want to read “Two Bears Carry a Chair” again and again. Two hard-working, easy-going bears  deliver a chair to a very unusual place for a very unusual customer. Charming characters, colorful illustrations, great story, happy ending. I highly recommend it!

    Dorothy Shaw, author and illustrator

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