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Mattie Weaver

by Dan L. Mills

Mattie wants to be a master weaver like her grandfather, Pie. He tells Mattie she must practice, and have patience, if she wants to make baskets good enough to sell. But Mattie doesn’t have a lot of patience.

Between the new tyrant king, Minihart, her father in prison for rebelling against Minihart, and Pie getting older and weaker, Mattie is desperate to help.

Will she be able to help her father escape from King Minihart’s prison? And will Mattie’s patience produce results?

middle grade chapter book, 82 pages


Going on a Ghost Hunt

by Diane Moritz

Three brave, adventuresome dogs decide to go on a ghost hunt. They have loads of fun scrunching through the leaves, splashing through puddles, and scuffing through the dark forest. Until they arrive at the cemetery.

Spying a tiny ghost, the dogs turn around and hurry back through the graveyard, back through the forest, back through the puddles, back through the leaves.

Finally, safe inside their cozy house, someone knocks at the door. Who should it be but the tiny ghost! And the ghost has brought all his friends in costume to collect candy and shout, “Trick or treat!”

(picture book, 32 pages)

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