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February is
Library Lovers Month!

We are giving away 3 sets of Scanner, and Scanner and the Icky Sticky Gum, featuring Miss Copywright and her adopted pup. Both are written by Una Belle Townsend and illustrated by David Barrow. 

Enter to win a free book!

Winners will be chosen the last day of the month and notified by email. You will then need to supply a shipping address to receive your book. 

Thank you for entering, and good luck!


When a little lost puppy meets the school librarian, his world is turned upside-down! Not only does he have a home and a name, he has a BIG secret!

Scanner and the Icky, Sticky Gum

Something smelled wonderful in Miss Copywright's trash can. Scanner climbed in. Great globs of gooey stuff--what an icky, sticky situation! Miss Copyrwright finds a book in the 648 section and goes to work. After some peanut butter, ice, and a bath, Scanner is ready to check out more trash cans. (Second book in the Scanner the Scottie series!)

Don't want to take a chance on not winning? Purchase your own copy today and you will pay no shipping!
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  Doodle and Peck Publishing produces fun, family-friendly books, created by talented authors and illustrators. Most of our books have a curriculum connection, making them not just entertaining, but educational. Many of our authors and illustrators visit schools and libraries sharing their passion for great literature.

  Our company uses recycled materials for much of our shipping, which is always FREE! And last but not least, Doodle and Peck books are printed right here in the United States.



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