A FLOCK OF FUN, Kirkus Review, "Two Thumbs Up!"

by Raven Howell ; illustrated by David Barrow RELEASE DATE: Feb. 2, 2020


A child becomes frustrated by rambunctious sheep—but misses them when they vanish—in this picture book.

A pale-skinned, short-haired youngster in footie pajamas just can’t sleep with the moon shining so brightly in the bedroom. “To try to sleep / I counted sheep / But they’re a noisy flock of bleat,” the kid complains. And the sheep certainly do cause a lot of trouble, playing games, upsetting the lamp, and diving into the laundry. Eventually, they all nod off, and the child wonders if maybe counting snails would make for a better night’s sleep. The next evening, the snails arrive, and although they paint glistening trails across the bedroom, fantastically depicted in vibrant green in Barrow’s illustrations, they also snore, keeping the child awake. The youngster ends up wishing for the boisterous sheep instead. Readers familiar with Howell’s humorous rhymes and unique worldview from such titles as Glimmer! (2019) are sure to be pleased with this clever tale. The repetition of the rhyming syllables makes this story a perfect read-aloud, especially for lap readers who want to chime in on the rhymes. Barrow’s digital paintings, similar in style to another of his counting misadventures, Down on the Ranch (2019), maximize the nighttime chaos and perfectly capture the child’s growing exasperation.

Readers of this high-energy story who count sheep are in for plenty of giggles.

Pub Date: Feb. 2, 2020

ISBN: 978-1-73371-708-3

Page Count: 34

Publisher: Doodle and Peck Publishing

Review Posted Online: March 14, 2020


A Flock of Fun, soft cover

  • A young child discovers the solution for falling asleep is not always quiet and silent, like slow, slimy snails. Sometimes, happy dances and mischief-making sheep are just the ticket!

  • "Humorous rhymes, dark violet hues and fuzzy- textured illustrations guide the reader's gentle slide into dreamy lullaby-land. To contrast with the funny sheep, the boy wishes to count a swarm of snails instead the next night, but guess what? He found he missed his sheep! "Until the snails began to snore sleeping seemed to be a chore. Then I knew I'd rather keep my noisy laundry-diving sheep!" "A Flock of Fun" is a new kind of bedtime story that will have great appeal for kids age 3 and up."--Midwest Book Review

    "When I opened this book, I instantly fell in love with the lambs. The rhyming text is simple and there is rhythm to it, making it enjoyable for the adult to read. It’s not overly long - perfect for tired parents at bedtime – and there’s a fun twist at the end involving snails. Yes, snails!