Doodle and Peck, hard cover

  • Doodle Pig and Peck Rooster are late for Camelia Cow’s birthday party. Each has made a special gift for their friend. But as Doodle and Peck rush to the party, disaster strikes! Their gifts for Camelia are ruined!

    Or are they?

    Their farmyard friends help them realize the mishap doesn’t have to be a catastrophe. If they cooperate.

    At the party, Camelia loves their gift, a book of fairy tales. Encouraged, Doodle and Peck agree to collaborate on another book, “sure to be a winner.”

  • "The barnyard is all abuzz as Camelia Cow’s birthday party fast approaches. Both Doodle Pig and Peck the roosterhave created homemade gifts—one with words and one with painted pictures. When the two collide, a happy accidentoccurs, giving children an entertaining glimpse into the collaboration of authors and illustrators in which both partieswork to tell one story. Mixed-media collage art with bright layered patterns gives the farm a sunny outlook."--Foreword Reviews