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Froggy Bottom Blues (hard cover)

  •  Ellen Zanderfrog found an old trumpet. “I’m going to Memphis to be in a blues band!” E.Z. travels down the river, meeting other musical characters along the way. One friend gives her an invitation to a talent show on Beale Street.

    Ready to sing the blues, E.Z. arrives in Memphis. But she discovers the talent show was last year.

    Will E.Z. give up and go home? Will she ever get to sing the blues?

  • One of the most beautiful aspects of "Froggy Bottom Blues" is the theme of sharing as a basic component of blues and perhaps all great music. Simply told and creatively illustrated, "Froggy Bottom Blues" tells a compelling tale about the birth of the blues, in the eyes of a talented, determined frog female who becomes a successful blues singer. It is a perfect introduction to the blues and the rich cultural background of blues musicians on the southern trip down the Mississippi River.--Midwest Book Review

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