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ISBN: 979-8-9866380-1-0

RELIGION / Biblical Studies / Bible Study Guides

RELIGION / Biblical Meditations / General

RELIGION / Biblical Studies / General

REL012000 Religion : Christian Living

Nonfiction > Gardening > General

Nonfiction > Religion > Biblical Meditations > General

Gardening with God, soft cover

  • A Thirty-one Day Devotional Guide

    As Anita Schlaht cleared the lot on which her new home was being built, God’s Word, as it relates to gardening and nature, came to life.  Over and over, references to trees, vines, well-watered gardens, grass, flowers, and thorns, touched her heart, and emphasized how God is the Master Gardener.

    Each daily reading includes scripture and an excerpt from Anita’s hands-on journal, in which she shares spiritual lessons God taught her as she worked in her garden. Each day also contains a suggested prayer and room for taking notes.

  • Anita’s love of gardening is interwoven with the deep richness of God and His truths. This beautiful devotional is filled with tidbits of God, His Creation, and our desire to grow in Him. Every woman will benefit from this book. I’ve known Anita for nearly 25 years as she’s ministered to many women at our church. It’s an honor to know her and recommend this book.

    Beth McClain

    Caring Well Executive Director|Women’s Ministry Director


    “This uplifting book is a must-read for any gardener. Anita parallels her gardening experience with how God, the Master Gardener, nurtures your soul.”

    Cynthia A. Moore, Logan County Master Gardener, Past-President Edmond Iris and Garden Society


    Anita combines her passion for gardening with her love for Christ to share a unique connection between creating a special landscape and developing a relationship with God. Her perspective challenges us to dig deeper and grow closer to our Savior. If you are a gardener, then this devotional is for you. If you don’t enjoy getting your hands dirty in your flower beds, then live vicariously through this book. You’ll both love the journey.

    Shelley Pulliam

    Co-founder and Executive Director of Arise Single Moms

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