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Go Ahead! Kick Me Out of School!, soft cover

  •    Topic: foster home, foster parents, foster child

      Jeremy Pryor is fed up with classmates calling him dumb, stupid, and retard just because he hasn’t learned his multiplication tables. It’s hard to keep up in school when you’ve been abused and bounced around from foster home to foster home. He hopes his new foster parents will homeschool him.

         But Mr. and Mrs. Daniels treat Jeremy so well he wonders if they are up to something. And their other foster child, a seventeen-year-old, teases Jeremy nonstop. Kent and his friends are bigger, so Jeremy can’t fight back. When they ask Jeremy to deliver a small white box to a guy on the corner, he does. Then he wonders if the white box might have contained drugs.    

    Should he tell the Daniels’ about delivering the box?

    Will Kent get into trouble?

    Or worse, will his new foster family send him back to the state home?

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