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This is a classic and fun Halloween story! An enjoyable read that will entertain young readers and keep them laughing. Children will enjoy this fun read-a-long while moving to the recurring actions and repetitive words.

--Karlene J. Froling | AuthorAmazon #1 Best Seller & Voted Amazon Teachers' Pick Children's Book Author

Going on a Ghost Hunt

  • Three brave, adventuresome dogs decide to go on a ghost hunt. They have loads of fun scrunching through the leaves, splashing through puddles, and scuffing through the dark forest. Until they arrive at the cemetery.

    Spying a tiny ghost, the dogs turn around and hurry back through the graveyard, back through the forest, back through the puddles, back through the leaves.

    Finally, safe inside their cozy house, someone knocks at the door. Who should it be but the tiny ghost! And the ghost has brought all his friends in costume to collect candy and shout, “Trick or treat!”

    --a Linking to Literacy book

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