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Accolades for Mattie Weaver:

“A captivating story. The sweet relationship between Mattie and Pie (her grandfather) is a powerful model for children who may not have experienced a safe, sheltering and empowering love.

A great book to read as a family or to a classroom with discussion. The author kept me guessing and surprised me at every turn. A delightful and intriguing read.

Marcia Leys, MS

Licensed Professional Counselor


“I recommend this book to a child of all ages.”

Renda Brumbeloe, B.M. MM. Piano Performance, Educator


“A magical ride filled with delightful characters and surprising plot twists. Mattie’s idyllic life is turned upside down when that government imprisons her father. Guided by her grandfather Mattie is transformed from helpless bystander to realizing the power of good and her own ability to make a difference. A tale of good versus evil.”

Dan Gutknecht

Fifth Grade ELA Teacher


Magic is found within…this book is for young readers. Through trials and tribulations, the main character learns…that courage and bravery are truly the only magic needed.”  Sarah Farrell, M. Ed.

Mattie Weaver, hard cover

  • Mattie wants to be a master weaver like her grandfather, Pie. He sells his baskets to help their impoverished neighbors. Pie tells Mattie she must practice, and have patience, if she wants to make baskets good enough to sell. But Mattie doesn’t have a lot of patience.

    Between the new tyrant king, Minihart, her father ending up in prison for rebelling, and Pie getting older and weaker, Mattie is desperate help. But again, Pie urges patience. He prepares his granddaughter to take his place, and shows  Mattie how to turn the baskets into gold!

    Greedy King Minihart finds out and locks Mattie in prison. But with hard-earned with patience and perseverance, and a bit of help from her friends, Mattie escapes. Pie's spirit goes with her, helping her foil the evil plans of King Minihart.

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