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Mighty Mahi, hard cover

  • Based on a true story: When a green sea turtle spots some fishing line, he swims over to investigate the shiny, sparkly thing. But the stringy stuff wraps around one of his flippers, and the more he struggles, the tighter it becomes. He can’t get loose! Soon he is too weak to dive for food, or swim to the ocean surface for air. Exhausted, the young sea turtle struggles onto the beach to rest.

    However, much larger obstacles and challenges await him outside of his ocean home. His injured fin is so damaged it must be removed. With the help of veterinarians at a nearby aquatic center, who name him Mahi, he is slowly nursed back to health. The staff name him Mahi, which means “mighty”. They help Mahi relearn to dive and eat with only three flippers. After two years, he finally heals completely and is released back into the ocean.

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